FAQs: Education For Young People aged 19 - 25 - What Parents Need to Know

FAQs: Education For Young People aged 19 - 25 - What Parents Need to Know


Question - Up to what age do Local Authorities need to provide education for young people with special educational needs and disabilities?

Answer - Following a change in Special Educational Needs law Local Authorities must provide an education to young people up to the age of 25. These young people will need to have an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHC Plan), and this will detail the type of education and support the Local Authority will provide to young person.

Question - Can Local Authorities decide what type of education would be suitable for the young person without consulting with them?

Answer - No. Local Authorities must consider the young person’s views, wishes and feelings for the type of learning they would like to pursue, and what their interests are.

Question – Is developing life skills in preparation for adulthood considered to be education?

Answer - Yes. Developing life skills involves teaching and training young people, and is considered to be education.

Question - Do young people aged 19 – 25 have to undertake formal qualifications for the Local Authority to fund and provide them with an education?

Answer - No. This was confirmed in a recent Tribunal decision. Young people can take part in a range of provisions and activities that are considered to be educational. These can include work experience, supported internships, travel training, learning communication skills, literacy and numeracy skills and practical based living skills. These activities teach young people the necessary skills and knowledge in order to live an independent life as possible.

Question - Does a young person have to attend a school or college for the Local Authority to provide their education?

Answer – No. Local Authorities must consider all of the young person's educational needs and provide suitable education to meet these needs. This may not be outside of a school or college environment.

Question - How many days of education should Local Authorities provide a young person aged 19 – 25?

Answer - Five full days of education.

Question - Does education need to be provided in one setting?

Answer – No. Local Authorities can be creative with the education provision offered to young people, and consider their needs and interests. A young people can be educated in a number of different settings, and Local Authorities should consider where the young person would like to be educated.