Our Fees

Our Fees

Our Education Law Fees

Watkins Solicitors is committed to ensuring our costs remain reasonable and provide the best possible service and value for money.

When paying fees for an education matter, not only do you receive support from a highly experienced Education Solicitor in Beverley Watkins but also a dedicated team of individuals, all able to assist you with your ongoing matters and enquiries. Our team is close-knit, and therefore, we often avoid hourly rates, as the work carried out by our Education Solicitor is done in conjunction and collaboratively with our Education Paralegals and Trainee Solicitors.

We appreciate that funding is often limited and will always aim to provide the best service for your budget constraints. Once we have started working on a case, we will often negotiate future fees, taking into account work undertaken to date to ensure we remain fair and reasonable in our ongoing costs. For example, we can set up a two-stepped invoice for appeals: you pay a lesser fee for work relating to the Local Authority responding to the Appeal to encourage early settlement, and the full amount if it is contested to Tribunal. 

In addition to this, we also provide payment-plan options whereby you can pay invoices in instalments. All we ask is that if it relates to an appeal, the full amount of the invoice is paid either on settlement or before the appeal hearing date is listed.

Legal Aid

Although we are predominantly a Legal Aid firm, we are unfortunately unable to offer Legal Aid in relation to education matters at present. If you would like assistance with an education query, this can only be obtained on a privately paying basis. If you would like a quote, please call the Office on 01179 390 350

There is often a cross-over with judicial review proceedings. Legal Aid may be available in these cases, where we can often also potentially apply for Legal Aid in the child or young person’s name. If you are pursuing judicial review proceedings, we advise you to discuss with us whether Legal Aid is possible in your case. We often do joint judicial review/education matters, and the education aspect will be dealt with separately under a privately funded matter. 

What is Legal Aid, and how do I get it for Education? 

If you are looking for Legal Aid for an education query, please call 0345 345 4 345; this is the telephone contact number for the Civil Legal Aid Agency. They will be able to provide you with more detail about the process and how you can obtain Legal Aid.