Watkins Solicitors Recognised for Excellence in Legal Aid: Shortlisted for the 2024 LALY Awards

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Watkins Solicitors Recognised for Excellence in Legal Aid: Shortlisted for the 2024 LALY Awards

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Watkins Solicitors is thrilled to announce that it has been shortlisted for the Regional Firm/Not-for-Profit Agency category at the prestigious 2024 Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year (LALY) awards. The LALY awards are the only annual event dedicated solely to celebrating the work of Legal Aid Lawyers, honouring those who strive to ensure access to justice for all.

Founded in 1998, Watkins Solicitors has been a steadfast pillar of the legal community, dedicated to providing high-quality legal services and championing social justice causes. Over the years, the firm has expanded to over 55 staff members across five offices in the South West, upholding its mission to serve the local community with excellence and compassion.

LAPG CEO Chris Minnoch highlights the significance of the LALY awards stating: "The LALYs have been likened to the legal aid profession’s Oscars or our Baftas, but the reality is that these awards are unique, and they rightly hold a unique place in the hearts of social justice lawyers. There is no finer accolade than to be recognised by your peers – the people who truly understand what an uphill battle it can be to continue to deliver access to justice for our clients."

Watkins Solicitors' shortlisting for this award highlights its commitment to its clients and community. The firm has provided crucial support to victims of domestic abuse, ensured access to education for children with special needs, and fought for justice in landmark legal cases. In 2023 alone, Watkins Solicitors opened 521 legal aid cases, reflecting its deep-rooted dedication to making a difference.

The firm's impact extends beyond the courtroom, with active participation in community outreach and educational initiatives. Watkins Solicitors regularly hosts informational events for parents of children with special educational needs, providing them with vital knowledge and resources to advocate for their children's rights. The firm also organises charity fundraisers to support local causes and enhance community well-being. One of the firm's standout initiatives is offering free drop-in family advice clinics, where individuals can receive expert legal guidance on family matters without any cost, demonstrating their commitment to accessibility and support for all community members.

"We are incredibly honoured to be shortlisted for this award," stated Beverley Watkins, Managing Partner at Watkins Solicitors. "This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team, who tirelessly fight for the rights of

our clients and ensure that justice is accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Our team is driven by a shared passion for making a positive impact in our community, and this nomination reinforces our commitment to social justice and legal excellence."

The LALY awards ceremony promises to be an inspiring event, celebrating the vital contributions of legal aid professionals. Watkins Solicitors looks forward to the event and celebrating with others in the industry.

For more information about Watkins Solicitors and their work, please visit www.watkinssolicitors.co.uk.