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Watkins Solicitors is one of the leading firms in the country advising on Education Law. Although based in Bristol, our dedicated education team successfully handles cases for children throughout England and Wales.

We support parents who feel that they are being let down. Parents come to us because of our reputation for championing the needs of children. There is after all only the one opportunity of getting your child’s education right.

Parents and children both have rights in law when it comes to education, particularly those children with Special Educational Needs. We provide clear and expert advice and guidance on all aspects of education law, helping our clients to enforce what are their lawful rights.

If you are concerned that your child is not getting the support that they need, then wherever you live in the country, just call us for a free informal chat.

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Fact of the fortnight
ABA (also known as ‘Applied Behaviour Analysis’) is a method of teaching children and young people, primarily with a diagnosis of autism or autistic spectrum disorder, to encourage certain behaviours and discourage other behaviours. ABA programmes are tailored to each child’s particular needs and programmes can help teach children and young people to complete functional skills, daily tasks and maths and literacy activities to name but a few. ABA tutors deliver these ABA programmes, and can teach parents to do so as well. These ABA tutors reinforce certain behaviours and actions by rewarding the child or young person with an object that motivates them, such as their favourite toy or food. ABA programmes are becoming increasingly popular and these can be delivered to children through a mix of home and school provision.