Supported Family Service

Supported Family Service

We recognise that for many clients instructing a solicitor throughout their case is not an option because of the costs involved. We therefore offer a special advice service to clients seeking specific advice in respect of a particular aspect of a case. We also provide an advocacy service to cover court hearings.


If you seek specific advice, or if you have an ongoing case in respect of a family matter, we can provide you with assistance as the case progresses however, we will not be on record with the court as acting for you. You will deal with all correspondence and telephone calls between you, the other party to the proceedings and the court. From time to time, when you require advice on a specific point, you may ask us to advise you which may be by telephone or email. For example, you may want advice to help prepare a Statement in a family case . Alternatively, you may want advice as to whether it would be sensible to request a particular witness to give evidence in a case.

For each piece of advice whether given by email or by telephone, you will be charged in units of 15 minutes. Each 15 minutes is charged at £30 plus VAT.

For example, if we spend 30 minutes on the telephone to you advising you prior to a court hearing, you will be charged 2 x 15 minute units, so that the total charge will be £60 plus VAT. If we spend less than 15 minutes on your case, you will still be charged the minimum of a 15 minute unit of advice, that is £30 plus VAT.

If you wish us to act in this “supported” way, then we will open a case file on your behalf and we will leave it to you to contact us when you require further advice.


If you are dealing with a family case and are acting in person but you require representation for a specific court hearing, we are able to represent you at the court hearing on the following basis:


Attendance at Bristol County Court other than a final hearing – £250 plus VAT


Attendance at Bristol County Court more than 2 hours 30 minutes and less than 4 hours – £400 plus VAT


Attendance at Bristol County Court for a final hearing (daily rate) – £550 plus VAT

For exceptionally large cases there may be additional charges because of the bulk of work.

All courts, other than Bristol will be charged on the above basis but with the addition of traveling time charged at £30 per hour plus VAT, plus mileage charged at 50p per mile or train fares at standard rate. In addition, any parking expenses incurred will be charged.

If you are acting in person but you do require us to attend court, please send us an email with your details.Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will have a solicitor available to attend court on your behalf on the date you require but following your enquiry we will confirm whether or not we are able to assist you.

If you require us to attend court on your behalf you will need to make payment in advance.

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