Polish family will celebrate Christmas together again

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Polish family will celebrate Christmas together again

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In July, one of our clients approached the International Department to apply to the Court for permission to move back to her home country of Poland with her children. Our client moved to England approximately eight years ago but was keen to move back to Poland with the children to be closer to her family and support network.

The children did not have passports. As the father had Parental Responsibility for both children, his consent was required to obtain the passports and move back to Poland permanently.

The father's whereabouts were unknown. After obtaining multiple disclosure orders for various government agencies and Police forces, we were able to locate him. Sheldon Price working with trainee solicitor Andy Kerese prepared a number of persuasive statements.

There were some complex points of law surrounding the Declaration of Parentage and the Removal of children from the jurisdiction of England and Wales to reside in Poland permanently. Sheldon Price has been able to successfully secure an order allowing the mother to move back to Poland permanently and obtain passports for the children.

The client's comments, "I would like to thank Sheldon and Andy with all my heart. Thanks to you, I can go home. I will never forget you. Many thanks to you. You've done something impossible. Thank you again."

If you wish to move away from England to reside with your children permanently, please telephone our office and ask for Sheldon Price or Andy Kerese for a confidential conversation.