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What is Law in Action?

Law in Action is a third year module run by the University of the West of England ( There are two elements to the course. One area focuses on promoting the University in the community by carrying out events and the other area focuses on providing students with a work placement in an area of law that they would like to work in when they finish their degree.

In order to obtain a placement on the module you are required to submit your CV and then if successful you are invited for an interview with Law in Action module leader I undertook the work placement which meant that I was required to attend 26 days of placement. As part of the module you are also required to submit a 10 – 15,000 word project on an area that is relevant to your placement.

You have to write a log of what you have learned each day of your placement. This is a way of reflecting on how you could improve your skills. The logs are monitored by your Law in Action tutor and you are given feedback on this. The logs are uploaded onto a private Facebook group so that your fellow peers can view and also give feedback and encouragement. You also get the opportunity to meet up with your peers four times throughout the year for an evening meal. This is a great way of sharing what you have learnt and gives you an opportunity to make new friends.

Law in Action is an excellent opportunity to put into practice what you are learning in lectures and seminars. It allows you to experience what your life would be like should you be fortunate enough to pass your degree and work in your chosen field.

During my placement at Watkins I was also given the opportunity to partake in paid work over the Christmas and Easter holidays. Following on from this I am fortunate to have been offered a full time permanent position as a Paralegal at Watkins Solicitors. Whilst working here I will also be commencing the Legal Practice Course in September on a part time basis.

Julie Copeland – para legal at Watkins Solicitors