Watkins Solicitors becoming a dementia-friendly law firm

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Watkins Solicitors becoming a dementia-friendly law firm

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We are delighted to announce that Watkins Solicitors are in the process of becoming a dementia-friendly law firm, starting in January 2018. We are now members of the South Gloucestershire and Bristol Dementia Action Alliance, and planning to extend this in Bath where we have recently opened a new office.

Dementia is on the increase and they are predicting that the number of people with dementia in the UK will increase to over 1 million by 2025 and over 2 million by 2051. We are keen to be part of the “Dementia Friends” initiative set up by the Alzheimer’s Society to raise awareness about the impact of dementia on the person within the firm to support clients more helpfully with capacity issues so that their experience with us is accessible and easier.

Over the coming weeks, our staff will be attending “Dementia Friends” information sessions run by Tony Hall (Bristol Dementia Action Alliance) and Winsome Barrett-Muir (South Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance). Our trainee solicitor, Lisa Morgan, who is already a “Dementia Friend” will also go on to train as a “Dementia Champion” to ensure that all new staff joining the firm will attend the information session as part of their induction. We are also taking other steps as part of our action plan and will keep you posted as to new developments!

Tony Hall of Bristol Dementia Action Alliance (on right) speaks as Tony Caldwell, partner, (back-left) and Roy Williams, conveyancing paralegal (front-left)
Staff at our Fishponds branch listen intently during the Dementia Friends Information Session
Staff at the Kingswood office show their support

We are here to help

If you have recently been diagnosed with dementia, it is important to start planning ahead to ensure that your wishes about your care are followed at a time where you lack mental capacity. This can be through Advance Statements, Advance Decisions, but most commonly through a Lasting Power of Attorney. 

For further information about making a Lasting Power of Attorney or an Advance Decision, please click here

If you are needing assistance for someone who does not have in place an Advance Decision, or a Lasting Powers of Attorney and no longer has mental capacity, we can help you in applying to the Court Of Protection for a Deputyship Order if that is appropriate. Please click here for our Court of Protection services.