Remarriage following divorce

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Remarriage following divorce

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Beverley Watkins explains that remarrying before sorting out financial matters from a first divorce can have catastrophic consequences. 

If a party to a divorce proceedings remarries before they have dealt with the financial aspects of their divorce, it is possible that they will be barred from making any financial claims against their previous spouse.  For example, if a spouse was intending to make a claim for a pension sharing order but then remarried, they may not be able to make a claim.  Usually, parties to a divorce will not apply for Decree Absolute until financial matters have been resolved.  Occasionally however, one or other party may apply for Decree Absolute and then remarry.  If the person who remarries was the Petitioner in the divorce (the person who started the divorce process) and they indicated in the Divorce Petition their intention to pursue financial claims, then this may be sufficient for the Court to deal with their financial claims, even after they have remarried.

It is important to deal with financial matters before you remarry as otherwise you may be prevented from making a claim and then lose out financially. 

It is important if you have been through divorce proceedings that you do not remarry without taking legal advice.