Keith Lomax


Judicial Review & Regulatory Solicitor

Keith Lomax

Judicial Review & Regulatory Solicitor


Dr Keith Lomax specialises in line with his long-standing commitment to human rights and public law challenges. For over 30 years he has been challenging public authorities for people who feel that their rights have been violated.

Keith was a partner in the Leeds firm ‘Davies Gore Lomax’ from 2000 – 2012 and then a consultant solicitor with firms Lester Morrill and Minton Morrill but, returning to his roots in the South-West, being Cornish, he has joined Watkins Solicitors.

See examples of his work in court judgments on our ‘Notable Cases’ page.

Keith’s public law work over a long period of time was nationally recognised and rewarded with Winner of the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award (LALY award) 2017.

Nomination for the LALY award included:

“Keith Lomax’s distinguishing characteristics are an absolute determination to do his best for his clients, a real sense of compassion, with a keen legal mind and enormous intellectual ability. You can guarantee that if there is a point that is arguable, Keith will pursue it. If there is a case to be made, Keith will argue it…”

“I have always felt that Keith really, really cares: you feel like he likes his clients, that he understands them and that he empathises with them. Yet he remains professional and has never lost the ability to recognise when a case or a point no longer has sufficient merit.”


Keith Lomax, Yorkshire Lawyer of the Year Litigation Award (Litigation) 2004
Davies Gore Lomax, Finalist in 2008, Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards 2008
Davies Gore Lomax, Finalist, Liberty Human Rights Awards 2011.
Keith Lomax, winner, Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award (Public Law) 2017