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Tony Calwell running the London Marathon in aid of charity

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This October, partner Tony Calwell will be running the London Marathon to raise money for the Red Cross and St Michael's Hospice, Hereford. He is running in memory of his late sister-in-law Alison, a great fundraiser herself, who sadly died last year....

Marika Szychalska qualifies as a solicitor

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We are delighted to announce that one of our trainee solicitors, Marika Szychalska is now a fully qualified solicitor – congratulations to Marika! Marika joined our firm in September 2016 when she was a student at the University of the West of...

Congratulations to Andy and Murihah

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We are delighted to announce that Andy Kerese and Murihah Ahmed have both been offered training contracts with the firm. Both commenced on the 1st June 2021, and both will continue working in the Family department for then next few months. Congratulations Andy and Murihah!

School Placements and Admissions for SEN children

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What happens when the Local Authority does not name the school or college of your choosing? For those with EHC plans there are specific rules relating to phased transfers where children either start primary school, move to secondary school or move to post...

Plugging the Annual Review process pitfalls

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In late 2019,  Emma Grimbly  (Education Paralegal) was working on numerous cases whereby Devon County Council were neglecting their duties to issue an  Annual Review Decision Notice within the required 4-week period and neglecting to...

Watkins Solicitors succeed in judicial challenge to local authority procedures for children with EHCPs

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A judicial challenge against Devon County Council brought by Watkins Solicitors on behalf of three children with special education needs has succeeded in the Court of Appeal this week. All three appeal judges agreed that there are important issues that the...

Should I get a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

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We have been receiving many enquiries for Pre-Nuptial Agreements this week following the government’s announcement permitting weddings this Summer.   The breakdown of a marriage is not something we like to consider when planning a wedding,...

The problem with informal financial arrangements...

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Many divorcing couples are able to agree financial arrangements between themselves. This, in principle, is great. Talking sensibly and reasonably about the future and coming to an agreement during times of high emotion is certainly an achievement and it is...

What is the status for SEN children during the national lockdown?

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As everyone will be aware the UK entered a further national lockdown on 5th January 2021, which resulted in the closure of schools across England and Scotland (schools in Wales are scheduled to return on 18th January 2021, however a further Welsh Government...

Beverley Watkins featured in Law Society Gazette

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Managing Partner Beverley Watkins features in the latest edition of the Law Society Gazette, where she discusses representing three families in a test case in the Court of Appeal that could significantly impact on local authority procedures for children with...

Watkins Solicitors granted permission to appeal on behalf of 3 children with SEND

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Watkins Solicitors have successfully been granted permission to appeal in the Court of Appeal on behalf of 3 children with SEND in a judicial review that could significantly impact on local authority procedures for children with EHCP’s. The claims...

How Covid-19 could affect your property transaction

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We are aware of the media attention surrounding Covid-19 and whether it will impact on your conveyancing transaction. We are doing all that we can to ensure that we keep things moving along as smoothly as possible. The Law Society has issued a press...

What to do if you are an Executor or Administrator

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Have you recently been appointed as an Executor in a Will for a person who has died? Or has a relative died without making a Will and you wish to be the Administrator? If that is the case, you may not be entirely sure of what an Executor or an ...

What is a PLO or PPM Meeting?

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A PLO (Public law outline meeting) or PPM (Pre-Proceedings Meeting) is a meeting called by the Local Authority when they have concerns surrounding your care of your child/children. The meeting is an opportunity for the Local Authority to make you aware...

Why living near to a church could cost you thousands; and why you should check for chancel repair liability

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Chancel repair liability is the requirement for some homeowners to pay towards the cost of repairs to the chancel of a nearby church which can be expensive. If the property you are proposing to buy falls within boundaries of a parish, you can be held...

Huge win today for young people with autism in Cornwall against cuts to education funding

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A Judicial Review against funding cuts by Cornwall Council to college education for autistic young people concluded today, 11 December 2019, with a huge success. Full course funding has been restored, not merely for the September 2019 cohort but for...

BBC News interviews Beverly Watkins following successful tribunal ruling for her client against Bristol City Council

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Beverley Watkins appeared in an article published by BBC News yesterday, following a Special Needs and Disability Tribunal ruling in favour of her client, Nura Aabe and her severely autistic son Zak, against Bristol City Council. Asked for her reaction,...

Parliament Committee Report details key concerns with Children and Families Bill

Emma Thompson, nee Grimbly
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Wednesday marked a vital step forward in ensuring the needs of children with Special Educational Needs are met. The first report published by the Education Committee on 23 October 2019, details key concerns regarding the implementation and funding of...

Beverley Watkins speaks at Developmental Language Disorder Unpacked

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Beverley Watkins, our Education Law Specialist, will be speaking at Developmental Language Disorder Unpacked, a workshop for parents of children with Developmental Language Disorder. The event takes place in Bath on 16 th October and is being run by...

Do you have the right to time off work when a family member or a pet dies?

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In recent news, Emma McNulty (18) was sacked from her job for taking a day off work when her beloved family dog sadly died. This has caused much discussion in the media about the right to time off work, particularly when suffering a bereavement. So do you...

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