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New Bristol Schools

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Bristol will soon have four new schools built around the centre to help ease the demand on secondary school places.

The new schools will consist of two under Oasis Community Learning, as well as an all-through special school and a school primarily for children who have not been able to access education in a mainstream setting.  The proposals are welcomed by many, following a large number of parents from neighbouring Local Authorities, including South Gloucestershire, requesting secondary school places at Bristol schools. This resulted in more than one in four pupils missing out on their first secondary school choice for September 2017, with many others missing out on all of their top three choices. Parents found out their secondary school places on 31 March, and the Education Department at Watkins Solicitors received an increase in queries from parents about secondary school admission appeals. Many parents and pupils were in the position of not being allocated any of their preferred school places. Watkins Solicitors have many years’ experience advising and assisting parents through the admissions appeal system, which initially can appear to be a daunting process. Parents who are unhappy with the secondary school place do have a right of appeal once they have received written confirmation of the school chosen. Watkins Solicitors can advise on the suitable way forward and what the best options are for each individual case.

The Education Department can be contacted on 0117 939 0350 or by email,,

Further information about the new Bristol schools can be found on the Bristol Post’s website: