Employment Advice and Fees

Employment Advice and Fees

Our specialist employment law team offers expert and empathetic employment advice to employees and employers.

Advice can range from simple matters such as advice on changes to working conditions or how to handle a difficult situation at work through to negotiating settlement agreements and handling Employment Tribunal claims, including complex and sensitive discrimination claims.

We can explain the legal implications to you and talk through your options in a straightforward manner. We will be supportive but, importantly, we will also be frank and realistic with you, ensuring we manage your expectations from the outset. Above all, we will support you and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Time limits are short for many employment claims so you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Initial Advice Service

We understand that issues at work can be genuinely stressful for both employees and employers and you may feel that matters are out of your control.  Sometimes, just speaking to an expert to talk through your legal rights and the options available to you is all that you need to regain some of that control and start taking positive steps forward. To help you do this, we offer a free initial advice service. 

The Initial Advice Service includes:

  • 15-minute consultation – over the telephone or (if more convenient to you) in person; and
  • Follow up written advice, detailing exactly what was discussed including where you stand on the issue and your available options.

Unfortunately, legal aid is no longer available for employment law disputes. However, in line with our firm’s overall ethos, we aim to make justice accessible and affordable. 

Fixed Fees

We also offer affordable fixed fee packages in respect of Settlement Agreements and all types of Employment Tribunal Claims. We understand that value for money and overall costs really do matter. Our fixed fees packages ensure you are fully informed of the likely costs right from the outset and you are not charged for unnecessary work.  Essentially, this allows you to manage your own legal costs. 

In the event your case is more complex, we may consider that some, or all, of our work should be charged for on a time spent basis. In this case, we would again advise you from the outset about likely fees and keep you updated throughout your case. 

Please click the links below to find out more about our fixed fee packages in respect of Settlement Agreements or Employment Tribunal claims:


Special Advice Service 

We also offer a special advice service if you have an ongoing Employment Tribunal claim. We will not go on record with the Tribunal as acting for you and we will not deal with any correspondence or telephone calls between you, the other party to the proceedings or the Tribunal. We will simply provide you with advice and drafting assistance as and when you need it.  This saves time and expense and allows you to manage your own case, if you wish to do so. This includes advice on Schedules of Loss, drafting of Case Management Agendas or preparing a Witness Statement

For each piece of advice, whether given by email or by telephone, you will be charged a fixed fee which will be agreed with you prior to any work being carried out.

If you wish for us to act in this “supported” way, then we will open a case file on your behalf and we will leave it to you to contact us as and when you require further advice.

Other Funding Arrangements

“No Win No Fee” Agreements

In certain cases, we may be able to offer a Damages Based Agreement (otherwise known as a “No Win No Fee” Agreement). This is where a solicitor’s fee is calculated as a percentage of the money (or damages) recovered, so you only pay legal fees from the damages awarded to you. This means that if no damages are won, then you are not required to pay us any legal fees. We will undertake an initial assessment of your case at the outset of your case to see whether your claim is suitable for this type of arrangement. 

A fixed fee of £350 plus VAT will be charged for this initial assessment which includes a written report setting out your likely prospects of succeeding with your claim.  

Check your insurance policies!

It is always useful to check your household or other insurance policies as you could have legal expenses cover. If it becomes necessary to lodge a claim you have the right to select an independent solicitor of your choice to act on your behalf rather than a solicitor from the insurance company’s own panel, if you so wish.

For a free telephone consultation to find out your rights, please telephone 0117 939 0350.

Useful websites:

Direct Gov. This website provides an introduction to your employment rights.

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS). Offers advice on employment rights and best practice for employers.

Employment Tribunals. Contains information about how to take a case to a tribunal.