Tamsin James



Tamsin James


Employment Law specialist Solicitor. Qualified 1997.

Tamsin James is an acknowledged leader in her field, known for robustly and diligently pursuing the interests of her clients. Having trained and practised as an employment lawyer at a blue chip law practice in the City of London, Tamsin later moved to Bristol where she joined Burges Salmon. However, both in London and the West Country, Tamsin also practised as a specialist employment lawyer advising individuals at law centres, specialising in the most complex discrimination cases. It is as a ‘Claimant’ lawyer vigorously defending the rights of the employee that Tamsin’s reputation has grown.

‘I advise both employers and employees,’ says Tamsin. ‘For the employee, loss of a job is not only financially ruinous but can also lead to real loss of self confidence and belief. This is where I come in, to work with my clients to ensure that they obtain the best possible outcome for themselves.’

As well as being a solicitor, Tamsin also has experience as a trainer and lecturer. Tamsin holds a Masters in Labour Law (Distinction) from the University of Bristol and is a member of both the Employment Lawyers Association and the Industrial Law Society.